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Fear of Flying
Jet Lag
Motion Sickness

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This site provides free online consultations Ayurveda herbs Ayurvedic diet plan caffeine free herbal tea Ayurvedic diet and life style management and teaching in Ayurvedic healing.

Health Link: Flight Plans
Article by Russell Robertson provides general information about the steps travelers can take to avoid falling ill while on the plane.

International Travel and Health
Vaccination requirements and health advice from WHO.

MD Travel Health
Health risks and services in many countries, infectious diseases and suggested immunizations, illness prevention, and special needs travelers.

MedlinePlus: Traveler's Health
Directory of factsheets, news releases, and articles.

Passport Health
USA-based company offering travel health advice and consultations.

Travel Doctor
Provides travel medicine and vaccination services through Australia, New Zealand and SE Asian clinics. Travel health reports available for many destinations.

Travelers' Health
US Centers for Disease Control presents disease outbreak alerts, reference material, destination updates, cruise ship inspection scores, recommended vaccinations, and information for family and special needs travel.

Vanderbilt International Travel Clinic
Provides before and after travel health information as well as disease prevention, medication instructions and a section on immunizations.

WHO International Travel and Health
World Health Organization's biannual publication on international travel and health