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DMakos Gallery
Japanese landscapes, portraits, candid photography, and more; photos taken with Leica and Rollei cameras. - dmakos.com/gallery

Glance at Japan
Introduction to the country through photos. - geocities.com/Tokyo/Temple/4004

Glimpses of Japan
Catch glimpses of Japanese culture through photos. - geocities.com/Tokyo/Shrine/2475

Horyuji Temple Photos
Oldest wooden building in the world, founded by Prince Shotoku in 607. -

Impressions from Fukuoka
Photos by W.Pietsch. - wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~winstel/walter/fuku.html

Impressions of Japan
Photos of many famous places in Japan. - japannet.de/japan/japan.html

Gallery of pictures in and around the Tokyo area. - japanpictures.iwarp.com

Photo Guide to Japan
Collection of photographs from around Japan. - photoguide.to/japan

Picture Room
Images taken across Japan with a digital camera. - geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/2996

Roger & Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo
Contains photographs, maps, images, sounds, and personal observations from this couple's trip to Tokyo. Helpful for those planning a visit. - artisandevelopers.com/web/tokyo