Sao tome-principe

Never heard of this little slice of the Caribbean in the Gulf of Guinea? You ‘re not only one. The two islands of Sao Tome and Principe comprise the smallest country in Africa, and one of the newest. These sleepy islands boast of deserted beaches, crystal-blue waters, rolling hills, jagged roc formations and lush rainforests. […]


Tobago and its twin island, Trinidad, are the Caribbean’s odd couple. ‘Little sister’ Tobago is relaxed, slow-paced and largely undeveloped. Trinidad is a densely populated, thriving island with a cosmopolitan population and strong regional influence. li’s famous for hosting the loudest and wildest Carnival in the Caribbean, whereas on Tobago the reefs are calm and […]

Puerto rico

Puerto Rican culture is a mixture of Spanish, African and Taino traditions topped with a centry-thick layer of American influence-and consequently nothing in Pueto Rico is one-dimensional, from architecture to political identity. Spanish is the island’s main language, but people also use many English, Amerindian and African words. Roman Catholicism reigns, but is infused with […]


Martinique is a slice of France set down in the tropics, with islanders wearing Paris fashions and breakfasting on croissants. But the zouk music pouring out of bars and nightclubs are a reminder that Martinicans have a culture of their own, solidly based on West lsdian Creole traditions. French may be the official language, but […]

Dominican republic

ls there are better definition of paradise than palm-fringed white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and rum-and merengue-soaked nights? Santo Domingo offers architectural charm and historical gravitas, while the rugged mountain interior pleases adventure-seekers with world-class rafting, trekking and wildlife-watching opportunities. Above all, however. It’s Dominicans who make the DR tick: fun-seekers throw themselves wholeheartedly into all […]


Guadeloupe’s spirited blend of French and African influences goes straight to the heart of the Caribbean’s Creole culture. As well known for its sugar and rum as for its beaches and resorts, the archipelago mixes modern cities and rural hamlets, rainforests and secluded beaches. There are nine inhabitated islands to choose from, including Grande-Terre, Basse-Terre […]


Dubbed the ‘Spice lsland’ because of its impressive production of nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, Grenada is a heady mix of idyllic tropical rainforests, fecund valleys, terraced gardens and rivers that fall away to white-sand beaches, bays and craggy cliffs. St George’s the beautiful capital, gives Grenada a small-town character, with a dash of […]


Ever since Errol cavorted here with his Hollywood pals in the 1930s and’ 40s, travelers have regarded Jamaica as one of the most alluring of the Caribbean islands. lts beaches, mountains and carnal red sunsets regularly appear in tourist brochures promising paradise. Jamaica has a diversity that few other Caribbean islands can claim. Stray from […]

Virgin islands

Once the hideaway of buccaneers and brigands, the Virgin lslands now attract a more salubrious yachting crew drawn by steady trade winds well-protected anchorages and a year-round balmy climate. Tourist development has been limited by enlightened environmental policy, and the islands have thoroughly different characters: while the Us Virgin lslands have pursued the tourist dollar, […]


The modern world’s first black-led republic, Haiti boasts a unique culture and an incredible artistic tradition. Its intensely spiritual people are known for their humour and passion, upheld in the face of poverty, civil strife, oppression and urban overpopulation. Their language, dance and music reflect a unique syncopation between the spiritual and material worlds. Haiti […]