Central America


Belize embraces a beguiling mix of Caribbean and Latin cultures, infused with a colonial history brought to its shores by British settlers. English-speaking, Creole-dominated with a thoroughly coup-free history, this tiny country has an atmosphere that couldn’t be more laid-back. Tourism may be unashamedly big business, but visitors rarely feel commodified. The local people are […]


Honduras’ slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it particularly appealing to travelers (well-armed with with insect repellent) who enjoy getting off-the-beaten track. Take your pick from the spectacular Mayan ruins at Copan, the long and lazy Caribbean coastline, the idyllic Bay lslands, the tropical rainforest of the Mosquitia region, colonial mountain towns, the […]


Tucked between Costa Rica’s mammoth ecotourism scene and Honduras’ dazzling displays of indigenous history, Nicaragua is all too often ignored by travelers. Their loss. The warm, inclusive pride of the Nicaraguan people suffuses the country with an intoxicating energy that captivates. For the cognoscenti, Nicaragua is inspiring landscapes, colonial beauty, weeklong parties, stunning wildlife, beautiful […]


lts name may be synonymous with a canal and a hat, but this little-visited isthmus nation has some of the finest birdwatching, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing in the Americas. Proud Panama celebrates its Spanish heritage with frequent and colourful festivals, seasoned with the influence of the seven remaining indigenous groups and the West lndian culture […]


Although Guatemala is recovering from the psychic wounds of military dictatorships and guerrilla warfare, it possesses a gritty determination to keep the glorious of Mayan culture flying. And what a wealth of masts it has to nail them to. lts volcanoes can seem the highest and most active, its Mayan ruins the most ruinous, its […]

El salvador

El Salvador’s name still evokes images of the brutal civil was fought throughout the 1980s in its tangle of mountains and farmlands. The was, however, is over and the volcanic landscape remains the most turbulent aspect of the country. Now El Salvador is making headlines once again, thanks to its degraded environment. The people of […]

Costa rica

For decades, Costa Rica was a forgotter backwater, a country so laconic it couldn’t be bothered having an army, even though it was sandwiched between war-torn Nicaragua and Canal-plagued Panama. Then North American retirees discovered its charms and its poco a poco (‘little by little’)life style, and Costa Rica became hot property. With its luxuriant […]