South America


lf Peru didn’t exist, travel guide books would have to invent it. lt’s a land of lost cities and ancient ruins, brooding Andean peaks and trashy urban beaches. lt’s dense and overcrowded cities, mysterious lncan rites and Roman Catholic masses, practicing shamans and dashboard Virgin Marys, Shining Path guerillas and ex-shoeshine-boys for president. lt’s like […]


Suriname is a unique cultural enclave whose extraordinary ethnic varity derives from indigenous cultures, British and Dutch colonization, the early importation of African and, later, workers from China and indentured labourers from lndia and lndonesia. Paramaribo, the capital, retains some fine Dutch colonial architecture, but the country’s greatest attractions are the extraordinary nature parks and […]

Ecuador-the galapagos islands

A wealth of vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial architecture, otherworldly volcanic landscapes and dense rainforests are packed into the borders of tiny Ecuador, the smallest Andean country in South America. You can change your surroundings here as fast as you can change your mind-one day your cold fingers are picking through handwoven woolen sweaters a chilly […]

Falkland islands

Just next door to South America and Antarctica, the Falklands are curiously British through and through, with peat fires burning in every hearth and jolly tea times to set your clock by. With only a scattering of inhabitants (most are military personnel), it’s hardly Touristville. The remote islands briefl rocketed to international importance during the […]


Dutch and British colonisation made an indelible mark on Guyana, leaving behind a now dilapidated colonial capital, a volatile mix of peoples and a curious political geography. The country’s natural attractions, however, are impressive, unspoiled on a scale that dwarfs human endeavour. Guyana has immense falls, vast tropical rainforest, and grasslands teeming with wildlife. lf […]

French guiana

Modern French Guiana is a land of idiosyncrasies, where European Space Agency satellite launches rattle the market gardens of displaced Hmong farmers from Laos and thinly populated rainforests swallow nearly all but the country’s coastline. Highly subsidized by Mother France, it boasts the highest standard of living of any ‘country’ in South America, but look […]


Uruguay may be pint-sized, but it’s certainly big-hearted when it come to attractions. lt contains Montevideo, one of South America’s most interesting capitals; charming colonial towns like Colonia; the hilly interior (true gaucho country); and a internationally renowned beach resorts. December and January, when the beautiful people flock to the beach and are a sight […]


The tourist trail largely bypasses this small subtropical country, landlocked in the heart of South America, and therein lies much of Paraguay’s charm. Travellers who visit with an open heart and mind are rewarded with unspoilt natural beauty, an abundance of wildlife and some of the friendliest and unaffected people in the world. Conversing in […]


Venezuela has epic proportions: it has South America’s largest lake and third-longest river, highest waterfall in the world, and longest of all snakes. lt also has jaguars, armadillos and some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. There are the snow-capped peaks of the hauntingly beautiful Gran Sabana plateau, with its strange flat-topped mountains, in […]


For most travellers, Colombia is unknown territory-a place of cocaine barons, guerrillas and mysterious lost cities. lt is the land of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his One Hundred Years of Solitude-a tale as magical as the country itself. Far from being a place to avoid, complex and hospitable Colombia offers some of South America’s most […]